Keynote: How Design Can Really Improve Events

Christof Breidenich opens up the second day of FRESH15 with his presentation on how design can improve events.

In his talk, Christof expands the notion of design beyond “decorated cups.” He explains that design is not only about physical objects but also about designing experiences. He gives Starbucks as an example; the company has designed a place, a framework, where customers create their own experiences.

Christof supports his viewpoints by presenting a series of compelling examples of what visual design, primarily images, can accomplish; it can create space, give identities, tell a story, capture a moment, create situations.

To conclude his presentation, Christof proposes a design thinking process for event professionals with the following 4 steps – fail as much as you can, generate as many ideas as possible, build on the ideas of others rather than judging them, be fast and stay on time.

This report was written by Juraj Holub, Marketing Manager at,